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Youth Festival and Vocations Center

2016-05-09 / Festiwal Młodych

Registration for the Youth Festival and the Vocations Center has ended. Young artists from the whole world have become involved in the formation of the program accompanying World Youth Day.

The Youth Festival and the Vocations Center make up part of the main events prepared for World Youth Day in Krakow. The initiatives are to show the young and living Church, which is diverse and gathers people of various cultures, open to each.

Around 360 artists from many countries signed up to participate in the Youth Festival. Among them the most numerous group is Poles – 110 people, among others there are also French (45), Americans (23), Italians (14) and Brazilians (12). During the festival, which will take place from July 26-29, participants will take part in concerts (180 people), theatrical performances (40), dance performances (35), adorations and prayer meetings (30) and exhibitions (25).

The events will take place between catecheses and Main Events so that pilgrims would be able to focus on the main message of World Youth Day. The place of the meetings, performances, concerts and presentations will be stages in the parks of Krakow, appropriately equipped rooms and churches.

One of the parts of the Festival is the Vocations Center, in which young people will have a chance to find their own vocation to religious life, family or work. The activities of various Catholic organizations and communities will be presented, as well as four Academies: God, Family, Work and Mercy. As part of the Academy participants will be able to exchange their experiences, and also listen to others – find out in what way they can find their own vocation and how they realize them with passion each day. The Vocations Center will be open from Tuesday (July 26) to Friday (July 29) from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and on Wednesday (July 27) from 9:00am to 10:00pm. The Committee of World Youth Day also invites those who didn’t have time to finish registration and wish to get to know the groups that have come. All those willing will have the opportunity to spent time with them and get to know people with similar life experiences.

160 communities stated their interest in being present at the Vocations Center. Among them most are from Poland – 61, international communities (46), from France (10) and from the United States (6). Besides this the committee received registrations from countries like: Salvador, Barbados, Indonesia, South Korea, Norway, the Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Lebanon and Togo.

World Youth Day is a time of prayer, but also a time of finding oneself and making choices. Participating in the Youth Festival or the Vocations Center gives the possibility of finding one’s right path, which can become lost during one’s journey through life.

Paulina Małota

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