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Young but patient

2016-07-29 / Wydarzenia Centralne

Notwithstanding the rain young pilgrims from all over the world started to gather at Błonia. Much in advance before the Way of Cross started, covered with colourful rain coats they were sinking not in the water but into the moment. 

Long awaiting can be boring and being patient is usually not a quality of the youth, but the pilgrims saw it more as an opportunity for intercultural exchange with the groups from different countries. They were dancing, singing some of them having the nap - all possible activities but not being inpatient. Apparently at some point even God found it so joyful that He moved the clouds away for the rest of the evening.

To help them with waiting some international artists were performing on the stage next to the altar on that way involving them into worshiping and dancing. One could observe that the mouth of pilgrims sung almost automatically „Hallelujah”, when cover of Leonard Cohen’s famous song was performed in Spanish.  Or maybe it was simply the presence of God among them that lift their hearts and kept them patient and joyful. All is possible when one hears the song like „I do not need anything else when You are here with me”. Between the performances short movies about different Christian communities were projected.

For them this awaiting was also a possibility to exchange some insights about Poland and their stay in the country of John Paul II. Speaking of what they have been afraid one could hear that before coming to Poland and Europe some of them had concerns about security but then were surprised with good organisation and how safe they felt themselves here. Polish hospitality was also brought as one of the first qualities to talk about when asked what they like most. And of course the atmosphere of the WYD. Many of them was of the same opinion, that the exceptionality of it was cause by the same truth and faith they follow – Jesus who makes them connected above all geographical divisions.

Gathering in the sectors was not only possibility to have some fun with youth from other countries but also to talk about the words of Holy Father they heard a day before during the welcome ceremony. It seemed that the request to stay youth at heart and avoiding of being spiritual pensioners was the message that arrived well. They felt also confirmation for their faith in the words of Pope Francis and responsibility to change the world with their deeds.

One could observe that those young people from all over the world are participating spiritually in the Way of Cross and afterwards listening patiently and focused to the words of Pope. Holy Father used direct words to tell how the Christian live shall look like. He asked them to have the hearts of servants and to be God’s response to the needs of the world, to carry the hope into the world.

Patience is not a usual virtue of youth, but they were listening patiently and focused. And even after the ceremony, while waiting in the sectors to live Błonia, they were using their time as they should – with dancing, screaming and singing to the glory of God. All patiently and with big enthusiasm, of course!

Luiza Chrzanowska

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