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World Youth Day in Krakow gathered about 2 million people from around the world. The post-event surveys revealed outstandingly positive reviews, almost 97% of people surveyed gave the event a "very good" or "excellent" score admitting that they would recommend World Youth Day to their friends and family. A large fraction of people admitted that they strengthened their relationship with God and received a newfound inspiration to improve society, spread the good message of Divine Mercy and engage more in Church life.

World Youth Day has also made a great impact on the city of Krakow and has helped boost its global image and prominence. From July 18th to August 1st, almost 8,300 articles, posts, or publications from non-Polish media outlets were published and during the one week of the main events almost 5,500 publications were produced regarding Krakow. Aside from overall promotion of the city, Krakow saw a monetary inflow of 113 400 392 million Euros.


Funding for World Youth Day Krakow 2016 came from five primary sources. Registration and participation fees, sponsorship contracts and monetary donations, donations made by parishioners, and endowments from the World Youth Day general fund were the four primary sources covering the expenses. This amounted to 45.647 million Euros in expendable funds and surpassed the total expenses which were marked at 45.499 million Euros by the end of World Youth Day Krakow 2016. In comparison to the previous World Youth Days over the past 8 years, Krakow's World Youth Day preparation and events accrued the least amount of expenses with World Youth Day Rio 2013 being twice as expensive.

3-year Preparation Costs 

The aforementioned costs of World Youth Day Krakow encompass all the investments in overall preparations over the span of three years. The majority of money was used to cover the preparation costs of all the locations associated with the main events as well preparation costs for the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy and the St. John Paul II Center in southern Krakow which amounted to a total of 1 064,878 Euros. 5. 628 million Euros was spent during the preparation of Błonia Park (The Cardinal's opening ceremony, the official papal welcoming, the Way of the Cross) and Jordan Park (vocation center and reconciliation area). 8. 519 million Euros was spent in order to fully prepare Campus Misericordiae (evening vigil with the Holy Father and the final Mass on Sunday). 907 203.135 Euros was put towards the Pilgrimage of Mercy involving setting up locations for the clergy that provided the sacrament of reconciliation and preparing Holy Mass for the clergy at the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy and the St. John Paul II Center. All of these expenses pertained to the locations where the Holy Father met with the youth, logistical planning of the event locations, barricades and fencing, altar construction, altar construction, organizing of the liturgy, sound systems, jumbo screens, and sanitation services.  

The costs of organizing World Youth Day also include the very early phases of preparation leading up to the main events such as: the preparatory conferences for international delegates, salaries for the main organizing committee workers, long-term volunteers, call centre maintenance, and finally pre-events all of which totalled 2.238 343 Euros.

The Youth Festival, which involved setting up several dozen stages across the city and preparing catechism locations in over 300 places within the archdiocese of Krakow required the least amount of funds, a mere 1. 610 million Euros. All of the official pilgrim essentials and itinerary, as well as food and accommodation, transportation, insurance, smartphone and tablet app development reached a total cost of 24 927 051 Euros. Maintenance fees for the info centre and registration centre during World Youth Day Krakow totalled 444 839 119 Euros.

The overall costs of World Youth Day Krakow 2016 also acknowledge and duly calculate "other" costs which include media and press coverage services, website management, translation and promotional efforts before and during World Youth Day Krakow. These costs amounted to 1 065 233 Euros.

The Positive Benefits and Legacy of World Youth Day Krakow 2016

The aftermath of World Youth Day Krakow 2016 brought about a wide array of long term benefits. This rings true especially in regards to the youth which was brought in to help alleviate the very taxing and burdensome labour required to micromanage World Youth Day preparations at the local and parish community level. With their engagement, the youth was granted the opportunity to hone their skills in interpersonal communication and teamwork while working towards a common goal of peace and spreading the message of Divine Mercy within the Christian community.

It initiated a lesson of multiculturalism and a lesson in love for one's neighbour and brother while illuminating the strength and energy of the Polish Church while displaying its vitality and diversity for the world to see. Materials and equipment used during preparations for World Youth Day Krakow are being passed over to institutions in need. Schools, parishes, community centres, and numerous associations have received 22 computers and 14,657 pilgrim packages. Catholic relief fund Caritas has collected non-perishable food items left over from World Youth Day Krakow to be given away over Christmas and in the city's main market square. The remaining bottled water was distributed during Krakow's 150 km pilgrimage to Częstochowa, the late former cardinal Franciszek Macharski's funeral procession, and during the consecration of the St. John Paul II Center in Krakow.

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