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Serve with humility like the Blessed Mary:Pope Francis

2016-07-28 / News

In the Holy mass at Jasna Gora, Pope Francis devotes his homily to the Blessed Mary. He encourages all to do everything in littleness, giving our life to others with a simple and open heart.

Hundreds of thousands of the faithful listened to Pope Francis’ homily with great joy at the Jasna Gora Shrine, Czestochowa, Poland. The Gospel was on the Wedding at Cana where Mary asked Jesus to turn water into wine. Jesus, although not yet ready to perform miracles, obliged to his Mother’s request. This shows Jesus’ devotion and love towards Mary - something that Pope Francis wants to emulate by paying homage to the Black Madonna.

His homily was centred around the humility of the Holy Family. “It is particularly striking how the coming of God into history came about. He was “born of a woman”. There was no triumphal entrance or striking epiphany of the Almighty. He did not reveal himself as a brilliantly rising sun, but entered the world in the simplest of ways, as a child from his mother… Thus, contrary to our expectations and perhaps even our desires, the kingdom of God, now as then, “does not come in a way that attracts attention,” but rather in littleness, in humility.”

In humility, he performs amazing miracles not with grandeur but with love. In the same way, Pope Francis says that “God saves us by making himself little, near and real.” By being “little, near and real” God makes himself relatable and felt. “The Lord does not want to be feared like a powerful and aloof sovereign. He does not want to remain on his throne in heaven or in history books, but loves to come down to our everyday affairs, to walk with us.”

It is with the same humility that the Blessed Virgin Mary shows her love to us, her children. “You have been able to touch with your hand the real and provident tenderness of the Mother of all, whom I have come here as a pilgrim to venerate and whom we have acclaimed in the Psalm as the “great pride of our nation”. To this, the Polish audience and youth pilgrims from all over the world, stood up in applause.

This is exactly how Pope Francis wants the youth to serve - by emulating Mary. “Let us ask for the grace to imitate her sensitivity and her creativity in serving those in need, and to know how beautiful it is to spend our lives in the service of others, without favourites or distinctions.”

He finishes mass, again by looking at the image of the Black Madonna, our Mother and pride of Poland.

How can you emulate Mary in service? Can you make yourself little? Are you ready to give your life to others in service like Jesus and Mary did?

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