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Under the sign of mercy

2016-07-29 / Papież Franciszek

Today the Pope Francis met with sick children at the hospital John Paul II in Prokocim. After Auschwitz it was an another point of the program of the papal visit. 

People were waiting for the Pope in the early afternoon hours. At the hospital the whole family gathered: parents with children, mother waiting off spring, young people in wheel chairs. There were also fans of  “two-wheelers”.

Among awaitingthe Pope was a group of Mexicans from Guadalupe. CamiloEspinosa, a singer and leader of the group JESAD, who works every day among patients in urban hospitals, asked about his impressions from the visit, confessed with a breaking voice: - This gesture of the Pope has a symbolic dimension for me, because I visit the sick in hospitals. I know from my own experience how difficult it can be this ministry. Suffering changes outlook on life and allows you to discover God. 

For Valeria Lopez, a student of pedagogy, this visit of Francis is an evidence of the communication between healthy and sick people. - The Pope touches what is the most intimate: human suffering - sheadded. 

- Today's visit - says Ernesto Muchabje fromMozambique - is a sign of God's mercy. The Pope is guided by a merciful Father. His love for Christ is reflected in action.

For Grazyna, working in the Krakow center scientific andtechnical information PLK, this visit is "rechargingthe batteries, light in the tunnel in the darkness of everyday life and impetusto the fight against hercancer and her son". This mother of four children is expected that "the Pope breathes hope intochildren, but also parents who need strengthening in dealingwith diseases of their children. Parents need not words but spiritualsupport". Asked about her today reactions she replied: "I feela huge emotion, such as duringthe memorable visits of Pope JohnPaul II in Poland".

Weronika, a girl in a wheelchair, expresses her joy after meeting with Francis. For herit is a gesture to strengthen diseases. Anna, a professional nurse, mother of two children, asked what she expects from Francis replied - I do not expect special gestures from the Pope, but fromthe people with whom he will meet, their good actions andinitiatives.

Justyna Majewska

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