26/07 - 31/07/2016


Transportation at Campus Misericordiae for disabled people

For disabled people there 3 bus lines will be launched: first station Dworzec Czyżyny – last station Lesisko
First station Dworzec Nowy Kleparz – last station Lesisko
First station ul. Dworcowa (Dworzec płaszów region) – last station Mała Góra

The routes will be active from July 30 from 8:00am and these will be dispatcher courses (the bus after being filled will go on its route). Only disabled persons will be authorized to enter with one guardian after showing a volunteer their entrance passes to the sector for disabled person. Return Courses will be implemented from final stations on Sunday July 31. 

If persons without disabilities who are not authorized for travel wish to enter busses and it is not possible to ensure verification by volunteers and ensure the safety of the trip the lines will not be run.

Additional information: 

1. Only persons with disabilities with appropriate permissions will come to the Campus/ it is no longer possible to receive such permission/
2. Pilgrims possessing tickets to sectors for persons with disabilities (C1 and C2) will be able to come to them from each side of Campus Misericordiae

The Pilgrim Pass will authorize you to move around systems of public transportation in the area it covers free of charge. The period of time that the Pilgrim Pass is good for will depend on the kind of package which you choose. The maximum period of validity is 25.07 – 02.08.2016 (for packages A1+, A3+).

The system of public transportation in the area of the city of Krakow and neighbouring cities is based on:

City transportation, on which bus and tram networks are based

Rail transportation – Małopolska Kolej Aglomeracyjna (Małopolska Agglomeration Railway), railway.


For Pilgrim groups in the area of accommodation ZONES II-IV, and not covered by the city transportation system, the dedicated means of transportation will be rail transportation.

The COL  ensures transportation to the closest railway hub or territory where city transportation functions in cooperation with cities and with the use of the means of transportation for families accepting pilgrims.

In extraordinary situations groups of Pilgrims will be able to make use of their own means of transportation at the time of arrival to hubs of public transportation or in the case of need the OC will ensure such a means of transportation.

Special connections to the Main Events

At the time of WYD in Krakow a special network of city transportation connections will be implemented with a special focus on places of Main Events like Błonia, the Sanctuaries in Łagiewniki, and Campus Misericordiae.

Nonregistered pilgrims should acquire certain cards or tickets according to applicable fees!

In the area of Krakow you will be able to move about using your own means of transportation – buses and cars. In part of the areas of the City vehicle movement will be eliminated.

*All Packages allow Pilgrims to travel free of charge via means of public transportation (city and metropolitan public transport and trains) from 25 July to 2 August 2016 in the area of the zones of accommodation during the period of validity of the chosen Package.

System of arrival to Krakow of groups with packages A1, A1+, B1, B1+, A3, A3+ *


If you come in a group, you will arrive directly at the place of accommodation, and that is where you will receive packages. The group will find itself under the care of the Parish Committee. The bus will be escorted to the indicated parking lot, the group will not use the bus at the time of the events of WYD.


If you travel in a group with an airline or by train, you will be picked up from the airport or railway station by a representative of the Parish Committee and you will go to your place of accommodation using public transportation. The group will make use of means of public transportation free of charge at the presentation of their confirmation in the registration system. If you wish to rent a bus, contact your Parish Committee beforehand.


Similarly to the case of the group moving by bus, a group arriving by car will go directly to the place of accommodation. Next the car will be escorted to parking without the possibility of moving around in it during the time of the events of WYD.

At the time of arrival to Krakow groups will be able to make use of Information-Registration Centers, located at airports, railway stations, entry roads to the city. In the IRCs you will be able to receive information all day on the subject of arriving to the city, places of accommodation, and register and pick up the Pilgrim Package.

*Pilgrim groups that registered with packages A2, A4, B2, C, and which want to rent a bus on the way from the airport or railway station to their place of accommodation must apply directly to the Organizing Committee to the Logistics Section / Transportation Team (transport@krakow2016.com).

Railway Station, Airport

Krakow has a well-developed railway and airline network.

PKP Railway Station Kraków Główny ensures the completion of all arrivals by rail from the main directions in the country.


Polish rails during WYD!

28 July:

Everyone will be able to travel free of charge on Koleje Śląskie (Silesian Railways) trains throughout Silesian Voivodship, as well as on the route serviced by the Silesian carrier in Małopolska Voivodship.
On the day of  the Holy Father’s visit to Jasna Góra (28 July), everyone in Silesian Voivodship and the stretch of Katowice-Oświęcim will be able to travel by Koleje Śląskie trains free of charge. Additionally, the carrier has planned to reinforce regularly-running trains to and from Częstochowa, 21 additional connections that will transport pilgrims to Jasna Góra for the morning mass and make the return to the south (including Zawiercie, Myszków, D ąbrowa Górnicza, Będzin, Sosnowiec, Katowice) and to the south-west (including Lubliniec, Tarnowskie Góry, Bytom, Katowice) possible will also be launched.
In this way, the carrier wants to allow not only visiting pilgrims, but also the residents of the entire region, to participate in the special meeting with the Pope in Częstochowa.

23 July:

To the concert and back.
Koleje Śląskie has also planned 10 additional night trains, which will enable participants of concerts organized in Muchowiec to return to such cities as Tychy, Rybnik, Wodzisław Śląski, Zabrze, and Pszczyna.

The remaining days as part of World Youth Day:
Approximately 50 additional trains to such cities as Oświęcim, Katowice, Radzionków, Wodzisław Śląski, Tychy, and Pszczyna.
On the occasion of World Youth Day, Koleje Śląskie will launch a total of approx. 70 additional trains, of which approx. 50 will be launched on 20-24 July and 30-31 July. A large part of these connections will enable travelers to reach Oświęcim (Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum) and Radzionków (the station closest to Piekary Śląskie, where the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice is located). Return connections will also be implemented.

The most important general information:

To the best of their abilities, Koleje Śląskie will reinforce regularly-running trains on key routes and at key times
The carrier plans to reinforce services for travelers (eg additional services on trains, strengthening infolines).
The list of scheduled and additionally running connections (from which both registered WYD participants and other persons will benefit) will be made available on the carrier’s website in mid-July.
Due to the large scale of the project and the importance of the event, as well as a limited amount of trains owned by the railway carrier, some scheduled trains during WYD will be replaced by bus transportation. The list of these connections will be available on the carrier’s website in mid-July.
A part of the additional trains will be reserved for groups organized by the church. All who are interested will be able to take advantage of the remaining connections.
Information about WYD posted on the carrier's website will be constantly supplemented and updated. Therefore, please keep track of all messages that are posted.

The John Paul II Krakow Airport ensures the completion of all airline connections. Your destination airport ought to be the International Krakow Airport (KRK).

Parking Lots

Each parish in the accommodation zones will ensure a parking place for busses. Busses will stay at dedicated parking lots without the possibility of moving around the city.

Additional parking places will be organized by the COL for parking at shopping malls, large squares and places at the disposal of the COL. Busses must stay at the indicated parking lots without moving around the city.

At the time of the Main Events on Saturday and Sunday will be designated parking lots along road lanes. These parking lots will be equipped with sanitary facilities and retail outlets.


If you witness a road accident…

- Stop your car in a safe place and switch the warning lights on.
- Put on a reflective vest (if you have one), get out of your car safely, and take a warning triangle and a first aid kit with you.
- Put the warning triangle about 50 m (165 feet) in front of the accident site outside built-up areas and 100-200 m (330-650 feet) away on a motorway or expressway.

- Find out the number and condition of the victims.
- Call for help:

Fire brigade – 998
Emergency ambulance service – 999
Police – 997
European emergency number – 112

You can call all the above numbers from a mobile phone too.

- Provide first aid to the injured.
- Stay at the accident site, but if you need to call the fire brigade, ambulance, or
Police from elsewhere, make sure to return to the accident site immediately
- If you take part in a road incident where no one is injured, remove your car from
the site immediately not to be a hazard or block traffic..


APP is in HERE

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