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Pope Francis will visit Children’s Hospital in Prokocim

2016-07-29 / News

Today, 29th of July, Pope Francis will visit Children’s Hospital in Prokocim. Visit will start at 4:30 pm.

Children have been waiting for the meeting with Pope for a long time. Some of them have prepared handmade presents for the most desired guest. The director of the hospital and the Prime minister of Poland, Beata Szydło, together with medical personnel will welcome His Holiness in front of the hospital. The meeting will be also attended by the Rector of Jagiellonian University and directors of Collegium Medicum.

Around 50 children together with their parents will meet with Pope in the main hall of the hospital. Some of the young patients will greet Pope Francis staying in their wheel chairs or even beds.

Besides visiting seriously ill children, Pope will visit the hospital chapel, where he will pray in silence together with some doctors and nurses. 25 years ago St. John Paul II also visited Prokocim Hospital in order to support ill patients with his prayers.

Anna Postupailo 

Translation: Viktoriia Pisotska

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