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The Papal Window: “May I,” “Thank You,” “Forgive Me."

2016-07-28 / Papież Franciszek

After the welcoming ceremony at Błonia, Pope Francis returned to Franciszkańska via popemobile. After 8:00pm, he appeared in the window to speak with the gathered pilgrims. Among them were recently-married couples, most of them wearing their wedding outfits. The idea to invite a different group to the window every day came from the Main Events Department.

“I work in the WYD Local Organizing Committee and most of my fellow workers were at our wedding. The coordinator of this project, Weronika Griszel, contacted newlyweds from different parts of Poland and she invited us, as well. I never thought that, after barely three months, I would once again be putting on my wedding dress, but I’m very happy that my exterior appearance can promote the sacrament of marriage, the meaning of which more young people are doubting these days,” says Aleksandra Żak.

In his words to the gathered people, the pope touched upon the subject of marriage.

“It is not easy to create a family. It is not easy to attach yourself for your whole life. One must be brave! And I congratulate you, because you are brave,” the pope said to the married couples. He also spoke about three phrases that can help in married life, which is full of difficulties: “may I,” “thank you,” and “forgive me.”

“Always ask your spouse, wife to husband and husband to wife: “What do you think? What do you think about doing this?” The second word is one of gratitude. How many times a husband must say to his wife: “thank you,” and how many times a wife must tell her husband: “thank you.” The third word is “I’m sorry.” It is a very difficult word to say. In marriage, a spouse often makes some sort of mistake. It is necessary to be aware of this and to ask for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness does much good,” the Holy Father explained.

“The words that Francis has spoken can apply to marriages of every age. They are still applicable to us after seventeen years! We see how important it is to consult each other with all our plans, because the call to marriage is a call to unity. If there is no agreement, then apologies become needed. It is not easy to live according to the pope’s directions, because marriage is a long road on which construction is always ongoing,” say Agnieszka and Adam Bielawski from Wilczkowice.

Marta Łysek, Piotr Oskwarek, Iza Kuśnierek
Photo: Jesus Huerta

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