26/07 - 31/07/2016


Telephone Crisis Intervention during World Youth Day

This service is for all the pilgrims who are coming to participate in World Youth Day. We are offering crisis intervention and support by telephone at the numbers +48 510132396 as well as 12 446 73 20. This project is being implemented by the Centre for Crisis Intervention and Guidance in Myślenice, in collaboration with schools in Krakow, in accordance with the agreement between the rector of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow and the District Office of Myślenice. This service can be accessed all day during WYD, from July 25 2016 to August 2 2016. Volunteers are proficient in the following languages: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, and Hungarian. In addition it will be possible to have a conversation in sign language through Skype (username OIKMyslenice).


The Local Organizing Committee cooperates with appropriate services that will care for the safety of Pilgrims at the time of World Youth Day Krakow 2016. Medical security will be based on the functioning system of medical care and the national emergency medical services in Poland. This system will be fortified. For Pilgrims there will be an emergency phone number – n. 112 – in several languages.

Medical care will be ensured during the Main Events, catecheses, places of the Youth Festival. These will be tents and medical hospitals, together with competent medical personnel supported by volunteers with appropriate medical schooling. Each medical point and patrol will begin its shift two hours before the beginning of the celebrations and will end them two hours after the event. 24 hours shifts of certain field hospitals are anticipated in the places of the Central Events and additional reinforcement staff of nighttime medical centers.
The safety structure is made up of three levels:
The first level – professional health services – hospitals, clinics, ambulances;
The second level – government organizations and private medical firms which will put their volunteers at the disposition of the Local Organizing Committee, vehicles and necessary equipment;
The third level – volunteers who will register in the registration system.


Pilgrim’s insurance guarantees the organization of medical help and coverage of its costs. It also guarantees the organization and coverage of assistance services, civil liability insurance in private life, and accident insurance following an accident or permanent damage to health. In the case of the occurrence of an insured accident the registered pilgrim will receive full help, dedicated alarm numbers and the aid of workers of the insurer to receive specified medical services.


There is a strict ban on flying unmanned aircrafts – drones – within 100km of the city center between 25 July 2016 and 1 August 2016. This special rule has been implemented for the time of World Youth Day to ensure maximum security of all airspace users and WYD participants.

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