26/07 - 31/07/2016



Pray As You Go to World Youth Day

2016-04-25 / Festiwal Młodych

Can prayer be something more than a monologue? Pray As You Go to World Youth Day is 12 weeks of prayer that will allow you to get to know your heart better in order to discover within it the voice of God. It is, therefore, a great way to better prepare yourself for World Youth Day. 

We will ask 12 questions. In order to answer them, you will have to listen to your heart more carefully. We won't pretend that this will be easy! It might turn out that you have to negate your beliefs about yourself, about God, or even about others. The course of human freedom in God – although perhaps a little frightening – is never lonely, because, after all, the friendship of Christ accompanies us. And He is stronger than our weakness. 

An audio version is available in PolishEnglish, Portuguese and Spanish
The text can be downloaded in the three languages, as well as in French, Italian, Russian, German, Ukrainian, and Portuguese.

The materials have been prepared in cooperation with Modlitwawdrodze.pl and Magis2016.

Paweł Kowalski SJ, Content Sector 

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