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Pilgrims – Remember your radio and the date of your Baptism

2016-07-26 / Wolontariat

Each pilgrim participating in World Youth Day in Krakow should have a small portable radio, thanks to which they will be able to hear simultaneous translation.

The team of translators will allow pilgrims from the whole world to listen and understand the words of the Pope, and will enable full participation and experience of the Main Events.

“Simultaneous translations will be led in all official languages of WYD: Polish, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese and Russian. The Episcopal Conference of the Czech Republic is also ensuring translation in the Czech language,” says Anna Chmura, coordinator of the Communication Department of the OC of WYD.

Pilgrims from 187 countries have come to Krakow. They will be aided in a deep experience of the events by translations, which they will be able to use thanks to radio receivers. Organizers are also reminding people to have headphones and extra batteries. They are on the other hand discouraging the use of cell phones instead of radios, as the battery can quickly drain.

The appropriate translation for a given language will be available over a specific frequency only in the places of the Main Events (in Błonia and Campus Misericordiae):

Spanish: 88,3 MHz
Ukrainian: 89,9 MHz
French: 91,8 MHz  
German: 93,2 MHz
Portuguese: 94,6 MHz
Polish: 98,5 MHz
Italy: 98,9 MHz  
Czech/Slovak: 100,0 MHz  
English: 105,4 MHz  
Russian: 107,9 MHz

We remind pilgrims participating in the Final Mass, which will take place on July 31, to find out the date of their Holy Baptism, as they will be able to write it on their white scarf.

The confession of faith during the Final Mass will be a special time for Poles participating in the meeting about the Pope, as it connects with the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland.

The scarfs will be given out to registered pilgrims at Campus Misericordiae. “We encourage pilgrims to each write the date of their baptism on the while scarf. Putting on the scarfs by participants will be a moment of returning to the sources of vocation. This will also make us like one another, as in Christ we are one family,” emphasizes Fr. Stanisław Mieszczak SCJ PhD.

Izabela Czak
Ewa Kasperek

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