26/07 - 31/07/2016



Persons with disabilities at Campus Misericordiae

2016-07-29 / News

For disabled people there 3 bus lines will be launched: first station Dworzec Czyżyny – last station Lesisko
First station Dworzec Nowy Kleparz – last station Lesisko
First station ul. Dworcowa (Dworzec płaszów region) – last station Mała Góra

The routes will be active from July 30 from 8:00am and these will be dispatcher courses (the bus after being filled will go on its route). Only disabled persons will be authorized to enter with one guardian after showing a volunteer their entrance passes to the sector for disabled person. Return Courses will be implemented from final stations on Sunday July 31.

If persons without disabilities who are not authorized for travel wish to enter busses and it is not possible to ensure verification by volunteers and ensure the safety of the trip the lines will not be run.

Additional information:

1.    Only persons with disabilities with appropriate permissions will come to the Campus/ it is no longer possible to receive such permission/
2.    Pilgrims possessing tickets to sectors for persons with disabilities (C1 and C2) will be able to come to them from each side of Campus Misericordiae

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