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!!!! RESTAURANTS WYD CRACOW 2016 for pilgrims - MAP !!!!



1) Tauron Arena Kraków, ul. Stanisława Lema 7 / Kraków
2) "Stadion Cracovia" ul. Kałuży 1 / Kraków
3) Food Court ŚDM, ul. Na Błoniach 7 / Kraków
4) "Festiwal Smaków", ul. Piastowska 26 / Kraków
5) Zwierzyniecki Klub Sportowy - ul. Na Błoniach 1 / Kraków
6) near the Stadium of Cracovia - ul. Józefa Kałuży 1 / Kraków
7) Old Post Office next to Galeria Krakowska - ul. Lubicz 4 / Kraków
8)  Reymonta 22 - Wisła Stadium
9) ANGELLO ul .Piastowska 20  
10) ANGELLO parking next to ul. Powiśle (vis a vis Sheraton Hotel)
11) ANGELLO, ul. Kokotowska/ Kokotów
12) ANGELLO railway station / Kraków - Łagiewniki
13) ANGELLO railway station / Kraków-Płaszów
14) "MAGILLO", ul. Zarzyckiego / Brzegi
15) "MAGILLO", ul. Focha 40 (parking) / Kraków
16) "WADOWICE" Plac Kościuszki,34-100 Wadowice
17) Białe Morza next to JP II Centrum /  Kraków

Meals in the Food and Beverage Zones Will Satisfy Pilgrims’ Tastes

Organization of Meals at Krakow’s Błonia

Błonia – the traditional place for papal meetings with pilgrims in Krakow – will also be a hub of activity during World Youth Day.

At Błonia, WYD will officially open, and ceremonies with the participation of Pope Francis will take place there. Nearby there are organized a Zone of Reconciliation, Youth Festival events, as well as the Vocations Centre.

Five food and beverage zones at Błonia will feed pilgrims

Błonia is already prepared to receive over 1 million pilgrims. Throughout the area, food and beverage zones have been set aside for pilgrims. Among these the central one is Main Food Court, located at Juvenia Stadium at the very heart of Błonia, while the remaining are located at: Cracovia Stadium, on the premises of the Zwierzyniecki Klub Sportowy, as well as two by ul. Piastowska.

Food and drink zones are points at which all visitors will be able to eat either hot or cold meals. The official catering areas at Błonia, in addition to the regular sale of meals, will enable pilgrims to exchange meal tickets for food. It is foreseen that most of these areas will be operating 24 hours a day.

What’s on the menu?

Pilgrims in the zones within Błonia will find fast-food type meals as well as main meals (both hot and cold), regional Polish dishes, grilled meals, as well as desserts. There will also be no shortage of vegetarian and gluten-free meals. Takeout will be possible for all meals served. People wishing to buy coffee, tea, cold drinks, or snacks will have the possibility of using self-serve vending machines, thanks to which it will be possible to buy these products without waiting in long lines. All this is awaiting pilgrims at Błonia! Additional zones will distribute water.

Everyone will find something
Restaurateurs rose to the challenge and made prices that will fit any pocket. The prices range between 10 and 20 PLN. The biggest food and beverage zone, Main Food Court, will be able to serve over 100,000 pilgrims every day.

“Our main goal is to effectively serve every hungry person who comes to us. That is why we have back rooms, where we prepare fresh and nutritious meals. In our menu, pilgrims will find popular fast-food type meals, but also lunch boxes made in, and sent to us straight from, Italy. There will be no shortage of cold or hot beverages. We’ve also remembered about vegetarians! Our catering area will begin service on Monday, and will be open 24 hours a day,” says Olga Zalewska, the Main Manager of Main Food Court.

The possibility of paying with a credit card, many cashier stations and order pick-up points, as well as fast and professional staff are just some of the advantages of the Main Food Court.

“I won’t lie – a month ago, we were still wondering how we could possibly feed all the pilgrims at Błonia. There was a lack of areas in the vicinity that could serve such a large number of people, but thanks to the openness of all the restaurateurs, we were able to open five food and drink zones. Behind each of these companies is knowledge that comes from experience. Each of the pilgrims who come to Błonia will easily be able to exchange their meal ticket or purchase a meal. All that’s left is to wait for the first participants of World Youth Day in Krakow!” says Father Józef Gubała.

Where to find information about food?

In order to ensure quick communication, the organizers have created a “Pilgrim” app, with which anyone can easily find the food and drink zone that interests them, as well as the choices available there. Thanks to its use of location services, the application is able to lead pilgrims to the chosen area, all while informing them how long the lines are.

Below are the places where you will eat at Błonia

1. Main Food Court WYD, ul. Na Błoniach 7,
2. Zwierzyniecki Klub Sportowy, ul. Na Błoniach 1,
3. By Cracovia Stadium, ul. Józefa Kałuży 1 – a gluten-free zone,
4. Two zones by ul. Piastowskiej 20,
5. Food trucks in the area of Błonia.

Mixed System

The WYD Local Organizing Committee is planning to introduce the so-called mixed system by signing agreements with some 2,000 restaurants and bars in Krakow and the surrounding areas and opening some 100 facilities serving food – food & drink zones and mobile food stands at the sites with the greatest number of pilgrims, i.e. at the sites of the main events, catecheses, and the Youth Festival.

All these restaurants, bars, stands, etc. will accept both meal vouchers and money. You can spend your vouchers in any place marked with an A3 poster at the front. You will find the list of the food-serving places in the WYD 2016 App and on the website www.krakow2016.com.


Meal TICKETS will be given to pilgrims who have selected a package with meals. The package including only meals, i.e. without accommodation, does not include breakfast. Packages with meals include a TICKET for a packed meal as well.


1.TICKET 10 – worth PLN 10 (gross).  A meal for this ticket consists of one hot dish or a packed meal to eat on the go (min. 525 kcal).
Two TICKET 10 vouchers can be joined, worth PLN 20 (gross), which entitles a pilgrim to a meal consisting of a minimum two hot dishes (min. 1050 kcal).

2.TICKET 15 – worth PLN 15 (gross) entitles a pilgrim to min. one hot dish  (790 kcal).

3.PACKED MEAL TICKET – a one-time ticket for the Saturday night Vigil with the Holy Father and the final Mass on Sunday (min. 3420 kcal), which is an equivalent to the following meals: Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch.

For each day, pilgrims will receive the number of tickets indicated in the table below (see Table no. 1).

You can decide which ticket to redeem first during the day: TICKET 10 or TICKET 15. This is the conventional division of lunch and dinner, which is dependent on the pilgrim’s preferences.

TICKET 15, worth PLN 15 (gross), from 25 July 2016 can be redeemed on Monday or Tuesday (25 or 26 July).

TICKET 10, worth PLN 10 (gross), from 31 July 2016 (Sunday) can be redeemed on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (30 or 31 July, or 1 August 2016).


Pilgrims will be served breakfast at their places of accommodation. The meal will be prepared by parishes and Parish Organizing Committees. Only pilgrims who have selected a package with accommodation will receive breakfast. The letter S in Table no. 2 represents the distribution of breakfast for each day.
“Packed Meal”

Only pilgrims who have selected a package with meals will be entitled to a “Packed Meal.” “Packed Meals” will be partially distributed to parishes located within 5 kilometres of Campus Misericordiae, and partially given out on the routes leading to Campus Misericordiae.

Special Needs Meals

Pilgrims will be informed where to collect special needs meals (suitable for diabetics, people with coeliac disease, etc.). You can notify the Parish Organizing Committee about your need for this kind of breakfast.

You will find a list of places offering special needs meals both on our mobile app and our website.
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