26/07 - 31/07/2016



Main Events are Open for Everyone

2016-07-26 / Wydarzenia Centralne

“Everyone can attend the main events of WYD, both the registered pilgrims and the participants who decide to arrive at the very last minute”, says Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.

Main Events at Błonia

Most of the seats at the Opening Mass on Tuesday (26.07) and at the events on Thursday and Friday (28-29.07) are reserved for the registered pilgrims who will receive entrance passes for particular sectors. Participants who didn't register may find a place at external sectors and in Jordan Park. For these events the unregistered pilgrims would require an entrance pass.

Main Events at Campus Misericordiae

All registered pilgrims will receive an entrance pass for the events at Campus Misericordiae: the vigil on Saturday (31.07) and the Final Mass. Free entrance passes will be provided to all the participants who didn't register. The parishes where members declared they wish to attend the Final Mass with Pope Francis will be distribution centres.

To sum up, at Campus Misericordiae there is 600.000 entrance passes prepared for the outer sectors. If you do not have a free entrance pass for a particular sector, you may take a seat at one of external sectors (equipped with large outdoor screens and professional audio system). Those sectors are intended for the people who will arrive at Campus Misericordiae at the spur of the moment.

Free entrance passes with information.

Registered pilgrims will receive entrance passes for the main events with the Pilgrim Package. Places close to the altar are prepared for all of them.

It is important to mention that entrance passes are free of any charge and the safest way to obtain them is to ask for one in a parish. All the information presented on the Internet regarding entrance passes for sale is untrue and uploaded fraudulently.

Every pass in a colour signifying a specific sector will also include information it is for free. The number of the sector and WYD logo should also be visible. On the other side of the pass there is a map of Campus Misericordiae and the route to the sector. On the majority of the passes pilgrims will find information when they should arrive at Campus.

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