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L4 program

L4 – The Sick for WYD

*L4 is a commonly used name for a sick leave note

    This project is concerned with the sick. In this way, we wish to follow the example set by John Paul II: before difficult pilgrimages, demanding tasks, or simply, great work, he asked the sick to pray for him. We want to prepare for World Youth Day in a similar way.

    World Youth Day is not only a difficult organizational undertaking, but it is also a very significant event in people’s lives, for their faith, and therefore it requires spiritual support from all members of the Catholic Church. Taking into consideration the motto of the World Youth Day in Kraków, blessed are the merciful, we wish to proclaim mercy together through our words and actions.

    We hope that posters about the Sick Leave project will reach parishes and religious orders, hospitals, clinics, care homes and their residents. Ailing people of all ages will receive letters requesting a prayer and offering for the intention of World Youth Day. In order to deliver these letters we ask for the help of young volunteers, young people involved in parish communities. We hope that this campaign will result in the formation of new groups of young people in parishes who routinely take care of the infirm. The letters also contain a prayer for the sick as well as testimonies of people, who have experienced suffering in their lives but, despite this, have not given in to doubts and their difficulties.

    Apart from this, in each letter there is a declaration, which can be completed by the sick people and sent back to the World Youth Day office. In this way the names of all the participants of the project will be collected in the so-called WYD Prayer Book, which will be handed over to the Holy Father during World Youth Day.

    Further letters concerning the Sick Leave Project will appear regularly on the WYD website.

The Prayer of the Sick

Beloved Saviour of the world, together with the earth and heaven I worship Your Divine Heart, which allowed Itself to be pierced by the soldier’s spear, so as to wash the whole world with the Blood of Salvation. I douse the youth, the girls and boys from all over the world in this spring of Love who are preparing themselves for World Youth Day. I entrust each of them to You, Lord, and I pray that the meeting with the Holy Father will be a breath of Your Spirit, a seed of grace and leaven of good. Open their minds to the truth and their hearts to Your love which is present in the Word, the sacraments and in communion with one another. May the work that You have begun in them expand and grow. For them, Jesus, I offer you my daily cross of suffering, pain and loneliness. Unite us all in Your love, who lives, reigns and loves for ever and ever. Amen

L4 – The Sick for WYD


  • Download the poster and letter and print them.

  • Tell people about L4 in your parish and ask your priests for help with reaching the poor.

  • Hang the campaign poster in your parish and school.

  • Get a group of friends together and tell them about the L4 campaign – The Sick for WYD.

  • Go to the sick, to hospitals, to nursing homes, hospices... Visit the sick, pray with them and for them, encourage them to pray for WYD.

  • The letter gives a description of the campaign, a testimony of a sick person and a declaration of participation – Each sick person can fill it out and send  it to Krakow (by mail or email), and we will write their name in the WYD Prayer Book.

  • If there is any need, or if you have any questions – contact us.

  • Remember to pray for the sick and the suffering, as well as for young people all around the world!

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