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“Jesus is cool!” – oratorio “Z powodu mojego imienia”

2016-07-30 / Festiwal Młodych

The newest work by Piotr Rubik and Zbigniew Książek, an oratorio entitled “Z powodu Mojego imienia” (“Because of My Name”), was performed in the Main Square of Krakow for pilgrims participating in WYD.

The oratorio is meant to call youths’ attention to the problems of contemporary Christianity. A large group of musicians and well-known soloists took part in the festive concert.

“Z powodu mojego imenia” is a composition written for soloists, a choir, and a symphonic orchestra. The music was written by Piotr Rubik, whereas the libretto was written by Zbigniew Książek based on the most intimate areas of the life of the martyr Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko. The oratorio was commissioned by the Pontifical Foundation Aid to the Church in Need and is dedicated to those being persecuted for their faith today. The oratorio premiered in the Kadzielnia amphitheatre in Kielce.

The oratorio’s universal message for WYD

Piotr Rubik indicates that the oratorio’s message is a relevant one, and his mission is to stand against evil in the world and to bring hope and joy, values through which people become better.

“Regardless whether or not World Youth Day was happening, this oratorio is a timely one. It is unfortunately a very timely one. It main message is for the world to smarten up and for people to stop killing each other in the name of religion,” says Piotr Rubik. “We hope that this message reaches as many people as possible and will make them aware of what is going on,” the musician adds.

“I’m very happy that this year’s World Youth Day is happening in Poland, and that we have been able to release a CD before this event. You can feel a huge explosion of joy here and that is the most important thing. I’m happy that so many young people have come to Poland, and I hope that we will show them Poland from an optimistic angle, a Poland full of good energy,” concludes Piotr Rubik.

Don’t be ashamed of faith

The composition “Z powodu mojego imienia” took on an additional meaning today – through music, it brings to attention the difficult trials of contemporary Christians, but it also highlights a value for which people die for in the contemporary world – freedom of religion.

“The oratorio’s general message is not to be ashamed of faith. To say: ‘Jesus is cool!’” says Zbigniew Książek. “The thing that we’ve created with Peter was difficult to design. It deals with martyrs for the faith. Many Christians die every day. During World Youth Day the composition takes on a secondary aspect. From all over the world, people have come here, saying: ‘Jesus is cool! I am not ashamed of that!’ So rejoice, all you young people! Just as Pope Francis and Blessed Father Jerzy Popiełuszko have said. Let us praise the Lord, and twice by song!” adds Książek, the author of the text.

130 musicians on stage

During the concert in the Main Square, the stage was filled with about 130 musicians, the Wrocław Academic Choir prepared by the director Alan Urbanek and the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Orchestra. The solo parts were performed by: Zofia Nowakowska, Agnieszka Przekupień, Oliwia Wieczorek, Marcin Januszkiewicz and Michał Bogdanowicz. In addition to the music, the oratorio also includes the role of a narrator, played by… Zbigniew Książek. The conductor and the music’s composer was Piotr Rubik.

Katarzyna Domagała

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