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Information for those returning by train after WYD

2016-07-29 / News

Due to a projected increase in the number of travellers, between 2:00pm on 31 July and 2:00pm on 1 August, there will be a change in the organization of platform access at Kraków Główny railway station. PKP (Polskie Koleje Państwowe, or Polish State Railways) staff kindly request that you buy your ticket in advance and familiarize yourself with the changes.

Two special buffer zones will be in place before the entrances to the platforms where groups with guides will gather. To get onto platforms I,II, and III, you will need to gather near Ibis Hotel, and to get onto platforms IV and V, you will need to gather on Plac Jana Nowaka Jezioranskiego (next to the old train station building). All other gates to the station will remain closed.

Trains traveling in the direction of Trzebina, Katowice, Balice Airport, Wieliczka, Tarnów, Rzeszów, and Przemyśl will depart from platforms I, II, and III, and trains traveling in the direction of Miechów, Sędziszów, Częstochowa, Warszawa, and Gdańsk will depart from platforms IV and V.

For travellers who got lost or missed their train, there will be additional trains that will get them home. The carrier ensures that they will organize departures until the last passenger finds their way.

“Travellers will be counted using a special machine, because we want to only let as many people onto the platform as will fit in a train. But do not to worry: organized groups will not be divided,” says Jarosław Oniszczuk, a member of the PKP Intercity board.

Persons with disabilities can rely on a help of rail station staff to get onto the platforms.

PKP asks travellers to listen to all announcements and to pay attention to information screens located in front of the station. Help will also be available from mobile infromation staff wearing orange t-shirts with a letter "i" printed on the back. Additional information is available on the following websites: http:/www.kolejsdm.pl/ , http://www.intercity.pl/ and http:/www.pkp.pl/ . There is also a helpline available: 19 757, or + 48 22 39 19 757, for international callers.

PKP staff has prepared 5 rules that will guarantee the efficient departure of pilgrims:
1. Check the exact time and station of your departure.
2. Come to the station an hour before your planned departure in order to calmly pass through the safe access system.
3. Stay in constant contact with your group guide, who will guide you to the platforms.
4. Listen to all requests made by organizers concerning security, movement, and behaviour.
5. Board the train quickly and efficiently, so that other pilgrims can go home too.

There will also be changes in the way you exit the station. You will only be able to leave the station using the exit on the side of ul. Bosacka. There will be possibility to perform a direct transfer at Kraków Główny train station. Travellers arriving at the station by train in the hopes of further carrying on with their journey will also need to pass through a buffer zone.

A timetable prepared especially for WYD  assumes the temporary exclusion of some stations from train operations. Between 30 July and noon on 1 August, Kokotów and Węgrzce Wielkie train stations will be temporarily excluded from operations. Krakow Zabłocie station will also be temporarily removed from service on both 31 July and 1 August.

“An estimated 400 thousand pilgrims will be returning home. Trains will depart every seven to ten minutes, so the efficient movement of travelers is very important,” says Ireneusz Merchel, president of PKP. “This is more than we planned, but we are ready for it,” he adds.

A record number of trains (approx. 780!) have been set in motion for the time of WYD. This is more trains than even for EURO 2012. Thre were even some additional trains borrowed from the Czech republic.

Piotr Klejnowski, Piotr Oskwarek

Source: http:/kolejsdm.pl/

Between 2:00pm on 31 July and 2:00pm on 1 August (opening time may be subject to change) platform access will be closed in the following places:
•former train station building,
•ul. Bosacka,
•Galeria Krakowskia,
•underground  train station hall,
•underground tram stop,
płyta górna - parking and taxi rank (upper level of PKP station).

Entrance to the platforms will only be possible in groups formed in entrance zones:
•near Ibis Hotel from ul. Pawia for platforms I, II, and III (departures in the direction of Trzebinia, Katowice, Kraków Balice airport, Wieliczka, Tarnów, Rzeszów, and Przemyśl),
•from pl. Jana Nowaka Jeziorańskiego for platforms IV and V (departures in the direction of Miechów, Sędziszów, Częstochowa, Warszawa, and Gdańsk).

People with limited mobility can enter the platform with the help of designated staff.

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