26/07 - 31/07/2016



I would like to listen to everyone here: Pope at Children’s University Hospital,Krakow

2016-07-29 / News

Children and young adults alike radiate joy in having Pope Francis so near to them.

A special part of the Holy Father’s visit to Krakow is to draw near to all children, especially the smallest and most needy, to show them how dear their fragility is to him. “I would like to listen to everyone here, even if for only a moment, and to be still before questions that have no answers. And to pray,” simple but profound were Pope Francis’s words. Caring for the weakest and most frail can be daunting when the starting point is illusive, but Pope Francis assures the families, healthcare workers and institutions that a good place to begin is by serving with loving attentiveness and tenderness, an example set by Jesus when he met with the sick. “Those who engage in works of mercy have no fear of death,” he invites all to live out the Gospel by making a personal decision to visit the sick.”

Liesbeth Bizarro

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