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I am Happy in the Church

2016-07-31 / Wolontariat

Testimony of Marzena Wójcicka working in the Volunteering Department of WYD

In this testimony I would like to tell about what I am thankful to WYD for and how it influenced my life.

1. Where did the idea for WYD come from?
I was encouraged to come for WYD by the desire to find my place in the Church. It started when I was in high school and observed that in Youth Masses there were only a few participants. Then I thought that young people don’t want to or don’t find themselves in the Church. After some time I was the meeting of youth with the Pope in TV and then a great desire was born in me to go to WYD and see that there are many young people in the Church. I also really wanted to find my place in it. That to this desire that was born in me a few years ago, I am now participating in my third World Youth Day (Madrid, Rio, Krakow).

2. What changed after WYD? What do I owe this experience?
Each time I participated in WYD taught me to trust and entrust myself to God. From Madrid to Krakow, 5 years have passed. These 5 years were a great experience of Divine mercy in my life. I especially remember God’s care for the little things that I experienced in Rio. It also occurred to me that because God cares for such small things, He will also care for the bigger ones.

What else did WYD give?
I found my place in the Church and in life.
To this moment I remember the last meeting of Pope Francis with Volunteers in Rio.
Then I stood among a thousand Volunteers, with the question of what is next in my life?
Then the Pope said: Do not be afraid, maybe not everyone knows yet what to do in their life, what way to go and how to find an answer to many questions which concern a young person. The Pope continued saying, ask Jesus, pray and entrust everything to Him. He will give you an answer. One thing is certain: God has a plan for everyone! Then I felt peace, joy and certainty that this is the way it is 
This was the end of WYD in Rio, but the beginning of many experiences in my life, those better and worse.
After some time I went abroad for a year. This was not an easy time, since for the last few months of my stay there, I was without a Community, without Church and often also without the Sacraments. This did not last for long, however then I understood what the Church is and how difficult it is to life well without It.

The experience of a common Eucharist and prayer with a million young people from the whole world during the last WYD and after going abroad gave me the certainty and persuasion that I will never again have this sort of a life without the Church. I also think that among others it was thanks to my earlier experience of WYD that I didn’t leave entirely.
However thanks to all of this I did not know how to make a decision after my return to Poland, and then God drew me to the country by proposing work in the Volunteering Department. As soon as I received this news, I bought my tickets, I packed and I returned to Krakow. My return was not only a return to the country, but also a path of return to the Church.

Before I say what WYD taught me and what good things happened after it in my life, I would like to tell you about Maciek, our graphic designer, who was to tell you his testimony, but on July 2 God called him to Himself after a battle with his illness. I don’t know what Maciek wanted to tell you, but I know what he taught me - TRUST. At the end of June I put a post on Fb, one sentence that really moved me, which read: “No matter what happens – I Trust in You”. I think Maciek is now in heaven and as one priest said, he is in the main command headquarters during WYD (in heaven), that’s why everything is working out.

At the end I want to quickly summarize how WYD changed my life.
After WYD in Madrid I learned English.
After WYD in Rio I allowed myself to trust God.
Between WYD in Rio and the one in Krakow:
-I received an amazing possibility of working in the committee, which was the main reason for my return to Poland,
-I am slowly finding my place in the Church,
-I have started a relationship with a guy that I met during WYD in Brazil.
We got to know each other 3 years ago and we became a couple 2 months ago.

For all of this there is a need to patiently wait, that’s why it’s worth remembering that WYD is only the beginning. Today I can already peacefully and without any doubt say that I am happy in the Church, which we all create and in which God is present, each day, and especially in the Eucharist.

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