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Hip-hop at Krakow’s Błonia. Musicians who “tell the truth about God.”

2016-07-28 / Festiwal Młodych

After the Papal Welcome, pilgrims who stayed at Krakow’s Błonia enjoyed graffiti, breakdance, and most of all – rap. Despite the rain, pilgrims had a lot of fun.

Tau, El Nino, and Arkadio are three bands that performed in front of pilgrims gathered at Krakow’s Błonia Thursday evening.

“Rap is important for young people because many children listen to it nowadays. I’m especially excited for Tau, who has really good lyrics and flow,” says Thomas Raducha from France.

“The most important thing is the message because children soak it up, it hits their hearts. This message is about God and if someone tells the truth about Him, then what more could we want,” Radosław Milczarek says about hip-hop.

Tau is a converted rapper who uses his music to preach the Good News. In addition to his many young fans, adults and priests also enjoy his music.  

“First of all, this is a man who is not a teacher, but simply a witness of Divine Mercy. Maybe that is the reason why people like him so much, because he is real,” comments Fr. Tomasz Wołoszański, standing in the first row.

During the concerts, some people were breakdancing in the audience, surrounded by others. Among them was a young man from France. “Even breakdance can be connected to God. I dance to praise God. To do it, one needs faith, and the Bible strengthens it a lot,” says Lionel Makaya from France.

Six-year-old Kuba Wiśniewski was also dancing. “I don’t dance at home and I haven’t been dancing for long at all. I made up the moves,” tells us Kuba, a little out-of-breath, who came with his family for this hip-hop performance.

Piotr Klejnowski
Photo. Paulina Krzyżak

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