26/07 - 31/07/2016



Fr. Węgrzyniak's 10 tips for volunteers – How to live after WYD

2016-07-31 / Papież Franciszek

Fr. Wojciech Węgrzyniak presented an advice “packet” for the days after World Youth Day to volunteers waiting for Pope Francis in the Krakow TAURON Arena.

1. Thank God that you survived and did not lose your faith, for every person, and for every good that you did.

2. Do something good for yourself: you did a lot for other people, now think about yourself. Buy yourself something, go on a vacation, eat something nice.

3. When you come back home and rest, calmly read what the Pope said, because he said a lot of amazing words, but because of work likely you didn't have enough time to listen to them.

4. Say something at your home, to your friends about what was good: at the time of WYD there was a lot of bad, but there was more good, there was more of God. Try to concentrate on what was good at this time.

5. Find even one day for silence: go to a forest or stay at home, in silence: here there was a lot of hustle and bustle, noise, work. Find yourself in silence.

6. Choose a form of prayer that you will be faithful to. Choose a form of prayer that will allow you to be closer to the Lord. Be faithful to the Lord in prayer.

7. Choose one work of mercy for the body and for the soul and try to do it at least until the next World Youth Day. Choose one work and say: this will be my work of mercy for the coming years.

8. Be a volunteer on an everyday basis, try to do at least one good work every day – this doesn't need to be a big thing, it can be small, a small thing for another person.

9. The Church is a community, you are not alone. You experienced the Church of young people. If you have a community, continue in that community, and if you don't look for one. Don't lose the ties, which may have been created here, try to be close to people, who think, feel and love like you.

10. The most beautiful good is before you. Believe that the name of your future is hope. Your future is not sentenced to be without hope, as if there was no WYD. Your future is better.

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