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Exhibitions During WYD – A Moment of Rest for Pilgrims

2016-06-23 / Festiwal Młodych

Painting, photography, icons, comics, performances, and improvisations will be presented at exhibitions organized in the framework of the Youth Festival. Works will be presented by artists from Poland, France, Argentina, and the United States, among others.

Youth Festival has prepared about 20 different exhibitions varying in form and content, alluding to, among other things, the life of John Paul II, pro-life action, and vocation. Among the developed works will be boards displaying scout pilgrimages to Italy and European Marian shrines and posters relating to Divine Mercy imported from Argentina. An important part of the exhibition will be the work of the late Eugeniusz Mucha – an outstanding artist of contemporary sacred painting.

One of the artists invited to the Youth Festival is religious sister Terezja Maria Piękoś, who will bring from Denmark a printed mosaic co-created with Danish children that shows the history of salvation. Youth ambassadors traveling through Europe in a "Busem do marzeń" (“Bus to Dreams”) promoting the July meeting with the Pope will present the effects of their project at the festival as a collection of comic books titled “Kilometr dla papieża" (“Kilometer for the Pope”). There will also be an unusual exhibition prepared by Americans related to the subject of pro-life, made using motorcycles.

Part of the exhibition will appear just before the start of World Youth Day, while others will be opened earlier. Expositions will be displayed in different parts of the city, in museums, churches, and out in the open. As pointed out by Julia Basista, Coordinator of Exhibitions, the prepared galleries are meant to give pilgrims and residents of Krakow a chance to rest. “And who knows, maybe then those people will get involved in the protection of life, help the disabled or become interested in the community of the Sisters of Mary, Queen of Apostles,” says Julia.

Apart from the usual exhibitions, there will also be live shows. One of the artists, who in his work also involves others, is Julien Touchard from France. Already today, he is encouraging everyone to send photos of their hands to handbyhandproject@gmail.com. The submitted photographs will be printed out and arranged into a work of art in front of an audience in Plac Niepodległości.

Detailed information on the exhibitions will soon be available through the mobile app. Admission to the exhibitions will be free.

Ewelina Słomka

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