26/07 - 31/07/2016

Eventory - app for events

Eventory is a free app where pilgrims can find information on official events and associated meetings related to World Youth Day all over Poland. It contains over 1,000 events dedicated to the visit of the Holy Father and the Kraków World Youth Day celebrations organized by dozens of dioceses, hundreds of parishes and thousands of communities in over 100 cities and towns in Poland. Most of the events will be held in Kraków and Małopolska region, however, almost every city in Poland is preparing for the oncoming celebrations. Users can find all events, organized in all of Poland, in one place, as well as take advantage of an interactive schedule which helps set up a personal plan for World Youth Day celebrations. Eventory users will also have access to the list of other pilgrims and volunteers, with whom they can establish direct contact or share opinions via the app. All events are grouped by location.

How to use Eventory?

  • Download the Eventory app, free of charge, from AppStore or Google Play, and select, from the list of available events, the appropriate position that interests you.

  • Look for „WYD2016 – Kraków” on the event list, select the event and join it. Then, the list will show all other events held all over Poland.

  • WYD events in individual cities have been divided by city, and their name begins with “WYD2016”. Thus, if you want to find an event in Sandomierz, for example, you need to look for “WYD2016 – Sandomierz” or enter the city name in the browser.

  • Join the selected event and take advantage of the list of all WYD meetings – as well as of all Eventory features.


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