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Concert and dances in Błonia

2016-07-27 / Wydarzenia Centralne

After the end of the WYD Opening Mass on the artistic stage in Błonia (near the altar) there were concerts given by Steven Curtis Chapman, InSideOut, The Thirsting and Kana.

After the celebration, which spiritually prepared the youth for the coming meeting with Pope Francis, the pilgrims enjoyed concerts of artists representing mainstreams of Christian music.

Ukrainian variety – Kana.

The evening performance was started by Kana – a Christian folk group from Ukraine. It consists of musicians living at a distance from each other and coming from different Christian denominations.

“When you have a dream and God supports you, no distance is a problem,” says Hrystyna Pidlisetska, the lead singer of the group. “God will always find the way,” she adds.

They have sung about Divine Mercy for 12 years, during which they have performed in Poland and Ukraine. They have co-operated among others with New Life, who invited them to this year's WYD. They have already attended WYD as pilgrims, but it is their first time as performers. They have come with children and therefore they are leaving early, but they are not disappointed anyway. “It is a matter of heart. We want to celebrate it together, as a whole family,” says the group leader.

Curtis Chapman: “I am outstandingly happy that I can play a concert in Poland.”

The pilgrims could also hear compositions of one of the most popular Christian musicians, Steven Curtis Chapman. He also deals with charity works.

“I am outstandingly happy to have an occasion to play a concert in Poland today. Especially because there are so many exceptional people here now. It is a unique feeling,” said Curtis Chapman before the concert. “My music comes deep from the bottom of my heart and I want to share it with others. Music is my life, my greatest inspiration,” he added.

During his Tuesday concert Curtis Chapman performed his most popular pieces, namely “Great adventure”, “Love take me over” and “Do everything”, along with the compositions from his most recent album.

“Keep your hearts open to others and you will be able to achieve many amazing things. Keep your hearts open and seek Jesus, as he is among us,” he told the WYD participants.

The Thirsting – (non)traditional Catholics.

“No one should be afraid to tell the truth,” said the group leader, Daniel Oberreuter, in a conversation before the concert. “We do it, we preach the truth about Jesus,” he added.

The musicians from Portland play Christian rock. For the concert they chose pieces from two albums they had released so far. They declare their mission to be promotion of Christian lifestyle through music. Rosary, confession and Eucharist are their base and inspiration.

“You must choose whether you want to follow Jesus before it gets too late. You must not be undecided. This is the last chance,” Daniel spoke to the gathered youth.

During a conversation he argued that it is worth being in the Catholic Church established by Jesus himself on a rock – that is to say on St. Peter. The musicians are staying in Krakow until Friday, when they come back home, as – which they emphasised – their children are waiting. Despite their short stay, they will leave Poland enriched with experience of joy.

InSide Out – hardcore punk from California

The concert did not miss the hard beat, either. The group InSide Out plays hardcore punk. That was the style of pieces from the record “No Spiritual Surrender”. Their music conveys a great deal of emotions. Not only is that so because of strong sound of instruments, but also thanks to the lyrics with a clear message.

Full of energy and in high spirits

Filled with the Holy Spirit and beautiful energy, the youth finished the first day of WYD in Krakow  singing and dancing. “The atmosphere is great,” said a nun, Sister Emmanuella Łuczak, participating in the common performance. “People can beautifully depict the spirit of the Gospel through dancing and having fun. This is why God gave body to the man – to praise Him with it,” she added.

“I have come to this concert out of sentiment for Ukraine,” said Fr. Artur Szepit. “One can feel the atmosphere of unity in Krakow. May the youth bravely accept what God gives them – the values of the universal Church,” he added.

“Together with the youth, I want to share my joy arising from the fact that Jesus Christ came down to the world to save us, and I especially want to spread the thoughts of John Paul II, who initiated this event,” told us a volunteer, Wojciech Kondracki.

Concerts in Błonia are only one of the musical attractions planned for this WYD. Within Youth Festival there are going to be various events held, featuring such artists as Arkadio, Tau, Piotr Rubik, Joachim Menzel, Judy Bailey or Paul John Anderson. Another important event, of more than merely cultural nature, is going to be the Strefa Chwały 1050 concert (Zone of Glory 1050), which corresponds to the important for Poland anniversary of its baptism. The Zone of Glory also will take place in Błonia, on Friday at 8pm.

Katarzyna Domagała, Piotr Oskwarek

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