26/07 - 31/07/2016

City of Saints

Krakow – City of Saints

Throughout the thousand year history of the city there resided, lived, worked many saints and blessed in Krakow.

World Youth Day is an excellent opportunity to get to know the spirit of this city through the lens of these special people, once similar to us – young in body and soul. Many of them – like Queen Jadwiga – lived here many centuries ago, and some of the saints lived in Krakow not so long ago. Some of them spent the time of their youth in Krakow. They walked through the same places, in which thousands of young people from the whole world will find themselves in July 2016.

The Saints of Krakow want to accompany you in experiencing this special time of joy in the Spirit and reflection on yourself. From this exceptional group, students of the universities of Krakow chose 12 Saints for us.

At the time of World Youth Day each of them will reserve time just for you, from morning until evening. From Monday until Sunday. They will wait in 12 places within Krakow. For over two weeks they will always be ready for conversation and prayer together with your intentions.

In this meeting other young people will help you – Guardian Angels. You will receive from them an appropriate "business card" with details about the particular Saint, that you might not lose contact with the Saint after the end of World Youth Day. We want this to be a special souvenir for you of this event.

During the monthly meetings as part of the spiritual preparation “For us and the whole world” in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow – Łagiewniki we will uncover individual profiles of the chosen Saints.

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