26/07 - 31/07/2016

Błonia Park

During the meeting at Błonia Park (Thursday – July 28th, Friday – July 29th), most of the places in the sectors will be reserved for registered pilgrims who hold admission cards to specific sectors near the altar. Participants who do not have registration documents are assigned to the outer sectors or to Jordan Park. Unregistered individuals are not expected to obtain passes to designated areas within a given sector.

The meeting with the Holy Father at Campus Misericordiae (Saturday – July 30th, Sunday – July 31st) will have a character of openness. Youth who will be registered at WYD will find in their Pilgrim Package an access pass to sectors lying close to the altar, but it may also happen that free access passes will be given to unregistered pilgrims. Such passes may also provide access to specific sectors both for the Saturday Vigil and for the Sunday Eucharist. These passes are free.

Access passes may be picked up at your parish.

Regulations of World Youth Day in Krakow
Błonia July 24-29, 2016

1.People present at the Błonia fields are obligated to behave in a dignified manner (bearing in mind the sacred character of the place) and not threatening the safety of the other participants of the Meeting, and in particular to comply with the following regulations.

2.It is forbidden to bring to Błonia and make use at the Meetings of weapons, dangerous objects, pyrotechnic materials, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, psychotropic substances, glass containers and gas cylinders.

3.Security services, legitimizing themselves with an ID of the Organizer located in a visible place are entitled to:
a.Check the identity of persons with the goal of determining their identity,
b.Looking at baggage contents and the clothing of people in the case there are suspicions that these people are carrying objects that are noted in point 2,
c.Giving security instructions to people who disturb public peace or are not behaving in a way in accordance with the regulations of the Meeting, and in the case they do not follow these instructions – instructing them to leave the area of Błonia,
d.Approaching, with the goal of immediately transferring to the Police, people who pose a direct threat to human life or health, and also to protect property.

4.Security services of the Organizer of the Meeting are obligated to:
a.Not let people in refusing to comply with activities noted by point 3;
b.In the case of people who disturb the peace, removing them from the place of the Meeting.

5.People who are unauthorized are forbidden from being at and moving around in the “0” zone and in places closed to participants.

6.It is forbidden to make tents in sectors.

7.In the case of any injuries, one should go to one of the medical points indicated by a red cross, and possibly asking for the help of volunteers.

8.Between sectors and in indicated places there are evacuations roads used by security and emergency services – we ask you to not occupy them during the time of meetings and not block them when the area of Błonia is exited.

9.Public washrooms can be found in indicated places, there is no possibility of making use of others.

10.In the case of any sort of unexpected events, one should strictly follow the instructions of the Organizer of the Meeting.

11.In the case that persons go missing or when a person separates from the group and it is not possible to locate them, as well as in the case of other justified situations you should declare this fact to volunteers.

12.The Organizer of the Meeting is authorized to record its course with the use of devices recording video/images and audio and to further process the recording.

13.These regulations will be interpreted by the Organizer.
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