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Awaken and take courage youth for God blesses your dreams!

2016-07-30 / News

Awaken and take courage youth for God blesses your dreams!

A beautiful backdrop of a rose wine tinted sunset lit the faces of almost two million pilgrims from around the world who gathered at Campus Misericordiae at Brzegi, Poland to unite once again with the Holy Father before his departure on Sunday.  Tears streamed down the many different faces from what seemed to come from a deep place of gratitude and hope from within their spirits.  As hands of all colors were extended to the person's next to them a beautiful canvas of what World Youth Day stands for was vividly seen.  As St. John Paul II, so does Pope Francis have a deep love for the youth and his heart-felt words of love, truth, and wisdom to them inspired life back into the many who were sleepy and fatigued.  Pope Francis asked the youth to have courage for just as the disciples were in a state of paralysis after witnessing the Passion of Christ, the fire of the Holy Spirit on Pentacost came to bring them out of their inward fear and His love carried them towards living out their dreams and fulfilling their missions. It isn't any different now, he earnestly encouraged them to rise from their sofa of illusory happiness and take a dose of courage, to trust that God truly loves them and blesses their dreams. "God is pointing you to the future, not to the museum," expressed Pope Francis, "take your place in your history, leave your mark." The ceremony had to proceed, but a long pause took place, as if the youth wanted to savour the words of the Holy Father a little longer, to take in the sunset and keep him a little longer.

Liesbeth Bizarro

Photo from TVP1

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