26/07 - 31/07/2016



"An actor that prays to God stays with God"

2016-07-31 / Kraków

Clarence Gilyard’s path through Hollywood while keeping his faith.


"In real estate, in the western world the secret is location, location, location. Here at World Youth Day we are building up the body of Christ so the buzzword is vocation, vocation, vocation. Get serious open up your heart listen to what Jesus has for you, true joy", this is the message Clarence Gilyard had for all the catholic youth.

Clarence Gilyiard has taken part in several television series and movies including "Top Gun”, "Die Hard", and "Walker, Texas Ranger". He has been giving his testimony at Tauron Arena this world youth day. Clarence is the father of five children, a tenured professor, is in the middle of a national tour, and has a theater company. With all these activities, most people wonder when finds time for God?

He has managed to find a balance in his life and learned how to pray to God constantly to help and guide him in his life journey. He believes in the motto a family that prays together stays together. Prayer and mass are critical components to having a relationship with Jesus. Clearance has used prayer to help him guide his carrier. As you progress in your faith things make sense because they are for the greater glory of God.

This constant prayer and devotion to God led him to volunteer for the World Youth Day. His favorite part of Would Youth Day is being on the serving side. As the Bible states "First shall be last and last shall be first" Matthew 20:16.

Being at the World Youth Day has helped him take the role of a servant of God. He has been able to follow the teaching of Pope Francis, who asks us all to be Christ like and serve others. Gillard admires that the Pope Francis really gives an example and sets higher standards for the catholic community. Leading us to be better Catholics. To reach a point, where people will no longer have to ask your religion but will simply know by the way you act and follow Christ teachings.

Clarence Gilyard is an example of how you can be a soldier for God in any industry. God can be a part of your life no matter how busy you are. God has amazing plans for all his children and we must only trust in him, and be willing to be his instrument as Mother Theresa of Calcutta says "I am a pencil in the hands of God".

Megan Shepherd

Fr.Jinu Jacob

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