26/07 - 31/07/2016



The WYD Krakow 2016 Organizing Committee is preparing accommodations for pilgrims who choose the following packages:
A1, A1+, A3, A3+, B1, B1+

Weekday packages A1 and A3 cover the dates from 07/25/16 until 08/01/16.
A1+ and A3 cover an extra day, until 08/02/16.
Weekend package B1 covers the dates from 07/29/16 until 08/01/16.
B1+ covers an extra day, until 08/02/16.

We offer two types of accommodation: with families and communal accommodation (i.e. schools, gymnasiums, small campsites). We forsee the following precentage breakdown of pilgrims, who will choose packages with accommodation: 60% with families, 40% communal accommodation. We will leave 20% vacancies in each parish in ZONE I Krakow for last-minute accommodations, i.e. in July 2016.

Every pilgrim (regardless of type of accommodation) is asked to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

In order to recieve all pilgrims, we have created 4 accommodation zones:

ZONE II – KRAKOW-REGION – travel time up to 60 min.
ZONE III – DIOCESE OF TARNOW – osiedle Bochnia – Brzesko / travel time up to 60 min.
ZONE IV – DIOCESE OF KIELCE, KATOWICE – travel time up to 60 min.

Manner of Accommodation

We want to accommodate as many people as possible in ZONE I – we will begin assigning accommodation in this zone. We will assign accommodation in deaneries and parishes according to language groups.
We want to begin the process of assigning accommodation soon after the full registration of the group within the system and after meeting all requirements of the system, including the accommodation component.

Step 1: The Organizing Committee will contact you electronically as soon as possible after completing the full registration to notify you in which parish you will live. You will also receive contact information to the Parish Committee.
Step 2: The parish will determine whether you will be accommodated in a family or a school setting. You will be able to establish the details of your stay directly with the Parish Committee.

Hosts – Parishes

Nearly 500 parishes in Krakow and in the three remaining zones will host pilgrims. Each parish has their own team – a Parish Organizing Committee – that will receive and warmly welcome all of you!

If any questions arise regarding your trip, these teams will help you. Members of the Parish Committee will welcome you on the day of your arrival and will accompany you throughout your stay.

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